JUVENES TRANSLATORES 2022 – Registrations are now open!

Registrations for the Juvenes Translatores 2022 are now open. Interested schools can register participants until October 20th. Remember that interested students should talk to their teachers; they cannot register themselves! 👉 Click and register 🔗 https://lnkd.in/egUbwpFy 👉 You can visit the website 🔗 https://lnkd.in/egUbwpFy to see the selection criteria, more details on the contest and which languages participate. This contest has been running since 2007 with participation from schools from all over Europe🇪🇺. The contest aims to give students a taste of what translation is and the work that translators have…

SDL & Women in Localization Campaign to Promote Mental Health During COVID-19

SDL, through its Platinum sponsorship of Women in Localization, will host a series of events through the SDL Women’s Forum alongside Women in Localization’s own events and local in-country Chapters, to encourage colleagues and members of the community to share their feelings and how they’re coping with working from home on a permanent basis. Read more on Slator’s website, on Women in Localization’s site, as well as on SDL’s own site.