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I have been working in the translation industry for quite some time now (a lady never reveals her years). In the beginning I would participate in mailing lists and later in many online communities but I always seemed to have issues keeping track of articles, resources, links and in general of things that were helpful for my work. Being an avid glossary, dictionary and thesauri collector I found that these resources are “here today, gone tomorrow”. So, five years ago, I decided to put together a site where, much like the Cloud infrastructures, I could collect, maintain, archive, and keep for posterity, these interesting materials. Hence the birth of Leximania – because what better name for a site dedicated to language, linguistics, translation and words in general? –. These past years were not without periods where my work would be so much that the site would remain without updates for prolonged periods of time.

When I created the site though, it was a personal endeavor. Much like the blogs, I was carving a little corner where I could put my stand and “speak” to the world without any expectation for an answer. I never expected people to actually visit it but as time went by I saw that people were indeed interested in the links I had listed, in the conferences I was listing and the news articles I was archiving.

Fast forward to today: I am happy to present the site refreshed and updated (with the gracious assistance of a friend). So let me grasp this opportunity and thank you, all of you, for providing the fuel that feeds my nerdy passion for words.

Welcome to the new and improved Leximania!

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