A workshop to be held as part of the Conference on Spatial Information Theory (COSIT), 4th September 2017, L’Aquila, Italy

Call for Papers

Research into the description of location using human (natural) language has been approached from linguistics, geospatial, and computer science perspectives.  This multidisciplinary workshop will explore current developments in the area with a particular view to considering directions and priorities for future research.  It will include both peer-reviewed presentations and group discussions.

The scope

  • approaches to automated extraction and understanding of natural language descriptions of location in textual sources;
  • approaches to automated generation of natural language location descriptions from other data structures and formats;
  • both verbal and written geospatial natural language;
  • work on natural language related to both static and dynamic (movement) location;
  • work that aims to understand/explore/investigate the use of natural language descriptions of location;
  • future priorities in geospatial natural language research;
  • geospatial natural language and ontologies;
  • contextual factors in the use and interpretation of geospatial natural language;
  • real world applications that motivate the use of geospatial natural language;
  • geospatial natural language querying;
  • recent/current technological developments and their links to geospatial natural language (e.g. social media, crowdsourcing);
  • links between language and spatial cognition and behaviour;
  • robotics and geospatial natural language;
  • connections between geospatial natural language and other areas of research (e.g. qualitative spatial reasoning, semantics).

We invite papers that describe current research or are position papers proposing future research directions and ideas, between 4 and 8 pages in length including references (although please note that papers shorter than 6 pages in length may not be published in the proceedings).  Submitted papers will be peer reviewed by members of the program committee.

The proceedings of the COSIT workshops will be published in either a Springer Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography volume (if there are enough submissions) or a volume on CEUR Workshop Proceedings (http://ceur-ws.org).

Instructions for Authors

Papers should be between 4 and 8 pages in length (including tables, figures, and references).  All papers must be prepared using either the Springer Word Document Template or the Springer Latex Document Template (contributed books):
More general information for your camera-ready manuscript preparation can be found in the Manuscript Guidelines and Key Style Points and on the website of Springer.

Please submit your papers through EasyChair by 12 May 2017, using this link.


Paper submission: 12 May 2017
Notification of Acceptance: 16 June 2017
Camera-ready manuscripts: 28 June 2017

Conference Organisers

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