Alois Pichler and Amélie Zöllner-Weber: Sharing and debating Wittgenstein by using an ontology




This contribution discusses some of the challenges involved in building an ontology for research about the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. It pays special attention to different ontological conceptions (event based versus object based). It also discusses how best to model, within the ontology, conflicting views emerging in both Wittgenstein’s work and Wittgenstein scholarship. The contribution presents relevant work in progress at the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen, which has a special focus on Wittgenstein’s Nachlass, his philosophical estate.



In Literary and Linguistic Computing > Volume 28, Issue 4 >Special Issue ‘Digital Humanities 2012: Digital Diversity: Cultures, Languages and Methods’ > Table of Contents


These articles are open access; I could have provided just the URL for direct access but I prefer to provide the link for the TOC so that you can see what else was included in this issue; you might find something else that catches your eye…{jcomments on}



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