[Job] Tenured position in English Language and Linguistics, University of Paris VIII


The University of Paris VIII is expected to have a vacancy in English Language and Linguistics, beginning in September 2017. The position will be junior lecturer / assistant professor (Maître de conférences).

The position is tenured and consists of 50% teaching and 50% research. The semester is 13 weeks long and teaching is 2 to 3 3-hour classes a week. The salary is non-negotiable and determined by the university with respect to experience and age. It will lie somewhere between 1750 and 3150 netto.


Teaching will be divided between linguistics and language instruction. The language courses will be in grammar and restricted to the Bachelor programme. The linguistics courses will be given at both a bachelor and master’s level. Ideally, we need a teacher for courses in syntax (functional / construction-based), discourse analysis and /or semantics-pragmatics.

Supervision of master theses and assistance in the development of the master’s programme may also be required.


The lecturer would join the research group LeCSeL within the broader English language research group TransCrit, EA 1569. The team is united by its concern for empirical methods and its team members can be broadly described as functional-cognitive. Any researcher working within the fields of lexico-syntax or semantics & pragmatics, within the usage-based framework of linguistics, is welcome. The actual profile, when officially advertised, will foreground the discursive dimensions of language research and / or construction-based research.

Experience with technical tools (corpora, manual taggers, NLP, statistics…) used in empirical langauge research would be considered a great advantage to the candidacy, but is not a requirement.


The process for a job application in France is complex and the initial stages independent from the hiring university. If your candidature is suitable, we will help you with this process. A simplified timeline is below. Each of these dates is crucial and there can be no exceptions because this is a computerised / centralised process.

The first step is relatively simple – it is an online application for the right to make the application for “qualification” (which will take place in December). At this initial step in October, no documentation is required. It is essential to have this qualification in order to apply for the position next year. The qualification is valid 3 years and will allow you to apply for any lecturing position in France.

Important Dates

  • Deadline for the application for the right to apply for “qualification”: 16h00, 25th October 2016
  • Deadline for the actual job application: 29th March 2017
  • For doctorandi, the final date for thesis defence permitting qualification: 14 December 2016


Knowledge of French is not formally required, but it will help your candidacy. The desire to learn French over the first few years in order to help with administrative tasks is expected. If you are interested in the position, please contact Dylan Glynn <dglynn@univ-paris8.fr> before the 21st October. At this stage of the process, a CV should be sufficient although later stages will also require a full dossier including copies of candidates’ publications. It is essential to remember that although the actual application will be in spring, the applicant must complete the online registration for the procedure before the 25th October.

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