Department – Computer Science
Salary – Salary of up to £27,629
Location – Manchester, UK
Vacancy Overview – Fixed term contract for 2 years, with the potential for permanent employment. Based in Manchester, UK.

Data science company Metafused, in partnership with the University of Warwick, have a unique opportunity for an enthusiastic and skilled computer scientist to play a critical role in the development of industry standard target dependent sentiment and intent analysis by sharing knowledge with experts in the field.

• Develop state of the art methodology for determining specific sentiment and intent for industry
• Opportunities for leadership in quickly expanding company
• £2000 per annum training budget

Opportunity Details
• 2 year fixed term post with potential for permanent employment
• Gain project management experience
• Work with senior company management to realise benefits to the business
• Post based at the premises of Metafused, Manchester, UK
• Salary of up to £27,629

Qualification Required
• PhD (submitted or awarded) or Masters in natural language processing, machine learning or a related area. Exceptional candidates with a First class undergraduate degree may also be considered.

Job Description
Job Purpose: To undertake cutting edge research in the area of machine learning and natural language processing on social media datasets.

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Research into existing state of the art techniques in sentiment analysis and data fusion
• Research and development of advanced sentiment analysis tools
• Research and development of probabilistic techniques for data fusion and customer profiling
• Managing the project including the budget
• Development of production-ready software
• Production of documentation and training materials
• Liaising with, and regular reporting to, business and university supervisors

Person Specification: The Person Specification focuses on the knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications required to undertake the role effectively. This is measured by (a) Application Form, (b) Test/Exercise, (c) Interview, (d) Presentation.

Essential Criteria 1 Masters level qualification in natural language processing, machine learning or equivalent area. Awarded with distinction (First). Exceptional candidates with a First class undergraduate degree may also be considered. (a)
Essential Criteria 2 Ability to work as a team to tight deadlines and communicate complex ideas to a range of audiences. (a), (c)
Essential Criteria 3 Experience in development of research or production quality software. (a), (c)
Essential Criteria 4 Ability to produce scalable code. (a), (c)
Essential Criteria 5 Good publication record in a relevant area. (a)
Essential Criteria 6 Experience of working with social media data. (a), (c), (d)
Essential Criteria 7 Familiarity with Linux, cloud infrastructure or computer clusters. (a), (c)
Essential Criteria 8 Knowledge of harvesting, exploring and normalising both public and private datasets, in particular those sourced from APIs. (a), (c), (d)
Desirable Criteria 1 PhD in natural language processing, machine learning or a related area. (a)
Desirable Criteria 2 Experience using and manipulating graph databases. (a), (c)
Desirable Criteria 3 Experience with data visualisation and other areas of machine learning. (a), (c)
Desirable Criteria 4 Interest in behavioural economics and/or behavioural neuroscience as it pertains to sentiment analysis, reinforcement learning, and related machine learning applications and techniques. (c), (d)


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