[JOB] Postdoctoral researcher in Computational Linguistics, Institute of Logic, Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam

Job opening at the ILLC (Institute of Logic, Language and Computation) University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

Computational linguist in VICI-project eIdeas (2017-2021)We – philosophers + computational experts – want to create a new computational methodology for the history of ideas combining top-down and bottom-up approaches.

Excerpt from ad: Although the focus of the project is in adapting and calibrating existing technologies, rather than developing new ones, the project presents several technically and methodologically challenging aspects. The main challenge will be constructing a methodology that can reach a level of subtlety and saliency of analysis helpful to philosophers. First, the domain has an essential focus on extremely fine-grained nuances of meaning and great amount of subtle variation in small historical corpora with likely OCR problems, and requires author-specific lexical semantics at a much more fine-grained level than usually done. This will require experimenting with new distributional semantics and vector models for the type of texts at issue. Second, the application of a mix of top-down (semantic modelling based on ontologies) and bottom-up approaches relying on distributional semantics techniques forces the computational extraction of concepts/relations to happen within a complex, general and coherent conceptual architecture: the latter needs to be sensibly connected to the lexical level of the text (a topical challenge at the interface of AI and NLP).

Great environment, great city, nice people.

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