ELDA is opening an internship on Setup and Deployment of a Web service framework for Natural Language Processing in Paris (France), starting on January 2017 for 6 months.


Studies: MSc.
Field: Computer Science
Provisional starting date: January 2017
Duration: 6 months


In the software development team at ELDA and under the supervision of an Engineer specialised in Natural Language Processing and Web Application Development, you will participate in the following tasks:

  •     provide a concise state of the art on the natural language processing-oriented web service deployment solutions;
  •     provide a state of the art on the workflow managers;
  •     participate in the production setup and deployment of a Natural Language Processing-oriented Web service solution;
  •     participate in the specification of a set of Web services which aggregate several processing stages associated to some of ELDA’s language resource production platforms;
  •     implement binders between these production platforms and the Web service deployment solution set-up at ELDA;
  •     expose the chosen production platforms as Web services;
  •     thoroughly document all the milestones of this process.

You will also participate in the regular meetings of the software development team at ELDA.


  •     MSc. in Computer Science, in a public or state-accredited higher education institution;
  •     Solid algorithmic knowledge;
  •     Basic knowledge in Web applications architecture;
  •     Interest in the Natural Language Processing domain;
  •     Hands-on programming knowledge in Java (or Scala, Clojure) and / or Python;
  •     Hands-on knowledge of a revision control system (Git, Mercurial or SVN);
  •     Hands-on knowledge of a database system (ideally PostgreSQL);
  •     Technical writing skills in English;
  •     Citizenship of a European Union Country or residency right in France during the whole duration of the internship.


This 6-month internship is based in Paris 13th district (Les Gobelins). It should start in January 2017.

Applicants should email a cover letter addressing the points listed above together with a curriculum vitæ to Vladimir Popescu (vladimir@elda.org).

The internship is subject to a monthly allowance, commensurate with the candidate’s educational qualifications and according to the French laws.



ELDA (“Evaluations and Language resources Distribution Agency”) is a key player of the Human Language Technology domain. Operational body of ELRA, the European Language Resources Association, a European not-for-profit organisation promoting language resources in a European context, ELDA is in charge of executing a number of tasks on behalf of ELRA, including both the distribution and the production of Language Resources. Within the production projects, ELDA is often in the position of coordinating resource annotations, as well as performing quality control of these annotations.

Thus, ELDA supports the organization of ELRA’s biannual international scientific conference, LREC, the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, which brings together, an increasing number (1200+) of top-tier researchers from all over the world, who submit and present scientific research articles.

In order to ease the navigation in this thesaurus of scientific articles, ELDA has set up a set of Web sites gathering the articles themselves, as well as the corresponding metadata (authors, titles, article abstracts, etc.).

In this context, ELDA wants to consolidate these sites, allowing the users to rely on a robust and exhaustive search throughout the article collections for all the editions of the LREC conference.


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