So, alright, I will admit that it took me a TAD few more minutes to post the ERP links. Without further delay here they are:

 Additionally, here is some more links to English monolingual glossaries. I do admit some are a bit weird but you never know when you would need them in a translation. Better have and need not than need and have not, eh?

 As always, if any of the links is not working let me know. Keep in mind that none of these files are something I wrote hence I have no control over their quality, although for 99% of them I can say they are okay because I check them out before I suggest them to anyone else. Also if you would like to read a bit more on how to conduct better terminological searches, you can also visit my SlideShare profile and see my presentations there. For the time being I have 3 that would fall within the subject of my last two messages. These are:

  Now I can finally move on to finalizing that list of conferences I have promised for such a long time 🙂

 On a personal note, I was ecstatic to have won the Artwiculate contest for the 18th of January. Here is my winner’s certificate for the word “schlep“. I can just hear my husband snickering from some remote corner in the house because I was dancing around the house when I saw it. 





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