How two EU Institutions Treat Contract Interpreters Differently

As the Covid-19 pandemic is in full swing on a second wave in Europe, two European Union institutions have decided on different approaches in their handling of long-term contracts with the auxiliary conference interpreters (ACIs). The European Commission (EC) has decided to stop canceling long-term ACI contracts from September to December 2020, sources close to the matter told Slator. On the other hand, the European Parliament has decided to proceed with the cancelation of contracts on a rolling basis, applicable to 2019 long-term ACI contracts. You can read the whole article…

SDL & Women in Localization Campaign to Promote Mental Health During COVID-19

SDL, through its Platinum sponsorship of Women in Localization, will host a series of events through the SDL Women’s Forum alongside Women in Localization’s own events and local in-country Chapters, to encourage colleagues and members of the community to share their feelings and how they’re coping with working from home on a permanent basis. Read more on Slator’s website, on Women in Localization’s site, as well as on SDL’s own site.